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About Us


Our History

Fierce Face Protection began as a skiing and snow boarding accessory.  As we merchandised the bandanas at a variety of events, some very cold motorcycle riders stopped by and bought the fleece lined bandanas to keep their faces warm for the ride home.

So began the process of opening up our customer base to everyone who goes outside.  Motorcycles, snowmobiles, skiing, snowboarding, hikers, cross country skiing, bicycling, shoveling, walking dogs, and everything outside need fleece lined bandanas.

Keep your face warm and protected!

Our Crew

Janice May

Janice has been the owner and chief bottle washer of Fierce Face Protection since the days of selling bandanas out of the back of the car at Vermont ski mountains.  Her most important contribution to this business is the ability to listen to those who want their faces to remain warm in all outdoor activities.  New products are on the design table being developed all the time.

Rebel, Kitty

Rebel is the the head of quality control on all the fleece lined bandanas produced. She would have more responsibilities if she had thumbs.

 Fierce Face Protection

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